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Philosophies and Practices

Meritage Viticulture Services has a great understanding of the unique needs of the Okanagan grape growing regions.  We believe that balanced vines are crucial to optimize the distinguishing flavours of the wines they create.  We strive to use the natural properties of the Okanagan soils and climate using the most progressive viticulture practices while recognizing that vineyards are an integrated part of our communities.

Part of this process is providing a service that is efficient, accurate and tailored to each individual site.  To attain this we create a professional enthusiastic team to ensure that growers are offered a higher standard of viticulture services.  We believe that knowledge and passion for viticulture help create the visceral feel for vines that is needed in order to deliver services that are site specific and performed in a timely and efficient manner.  The experience, knowledge passion and commitment of the team is reflected in the  quality of the work.

Our  philosophy is one that emphasizes the importance of creating a family with those we work with. Through communication we strive to achieve a fun, enriching and fulfilling experience for both our clients and our team.  Good relationships are the foundation of creating excellence.

Our Team

The owner/operator Adam Spychalski has over 20 years experience in the Okanagan wine industry. This includes management and development of premium vineyards for Joie Farms www.joiefarm.com, Lulu Island Winery www.luluislandwinery.com, Cedar Creek Estate Winery www.cedarcreek.bc.ca Perseus Winery perseuswinery.com. Adam was part of development at K&V Vineyards and Greta Ranch and also catered to the needs of many small vineyard operations and hobby growers such as Domaine de St Pierre, Shadow Bay Vineyards, Trout Creek Vineyard.

Growing up on his family farm in Europe, Adam's feel for vines emerged from his grandfather's teachings. Together with his sons Jordan and Kristopher they lead a team that is passionate and committed to viticulture. It is largely comprised of viticulture students from around the world who bring with them a wealth of knowledge and experience. We constantly work towards creating and improving the relationships between our team and clients in order to provide a positive network for the participants of the Okanagan wine industry.

                   "Adam is extremely dedicated to quality and committed to excellence and perfection with the only purpose to obtain optimum quality fruit....They are both sociable folks who are always good people to be with." 
Harold Gaudy-Vineyard manager, Ennotecca Winery & Resorts

                   "We found Adam to be proffesional, efficient and pleasant to work with.  Their extensive experience and strong work ethic have made them a very valuable asset to our production."
Kristy Dale-CFO, Rollingdale Winery



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